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Mihai Barbu - vocals & guitar
Livia Iancu - guitar
Adrian Cosma - bass guitar & backing vocals
Tudor Alexandru - drums


MBP - Mihai Barbu Project formed in 2017 in Bucharest, Romania, by the initiative of Mihai (vocals & guitars), after the completion of the concept album, "A Lifetime Consequence". The project materialised as a way of performing the music live, yet soon grew into a homogenous and united band.

Each of the musical group’s members has an individual story to tell, yet some knew one another very well. Mihai, Livia (guitars) and Tudor (drums) had previously been in a heavy-metal band together for several years, so managing to understand each other, more than musically. The “new kid in town” was Adrian (bass guitar), yet he still had close ties and strong bonds with Mihai. They easily managed to feel at ease with the new musical material and with one another.

Even before releasing their debut album, they started performing live at local venues in their town and throughout the country. Beginning with the autumn of 2017, the band participated in multiple music festivals, sharing the stage with numerous well-known and appreciated artists like Vita de Vie, Cargo, Dave Evans & The Rock, Need, Taine, Days of Confusion, Shokran, Bucovina and many others. A major milestone was their performance at Soundart Festival 2019, an event dedicated to Progressive and Stoner Metal genres, where they had the opportunity to open the show for Riverside.

Throughout their career, they were invited to several TV and radio shows, where they had the opportunity to perform and talk about the mentality behind the project. Local dedicated virtual magazines came to their support and placed their name next to artists such as Devin Townsend, Dream Theater, Metallica and Tool.

Together, they are part of the country's growing progressive metal and international music scene.


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